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Stories go here, as you may know I want to be an author and thus I am writing. Unfortunately I hit a block, more like a plane crash than anything and I have been having trouble picking up the bits of flaming wreckage and getting flying again.

Eventually I will put up bits and pieces of stuff for people to help out with, kind of an online reader feedback method.

Rider is my baby. In that "A story is my baby" kind of writer mentality. Which means that I want it to be good. It isn't so much, so help out.

This†is a list of stories that are in a group of interconnected stories. Ideally each will one-day be a book, with many others. Yes it is a lot of books, but there is so much more to tell in that world.

Two or three of those are also begun on, but at this point Iím embarrassed at what I have so it wonít go up till itís been redone a bit.

A Troubled Mind is the first one to have anything online, it is also the one that I have the least semblance of direction with, It might just stay a short short-story.

The Official PDX Story of Stuff is not my work although I have worked on it.

this is a Deus Ex fan fic I've started to write.

If you want to see what happens when you start with the words "Once upon a time" and keep on punching keys rapidly for 5 paragraphs look here.
This actually turned out to be part of a story I never got around to writing, called End of the Sidewalk, this is basicly a very rough description of the setting .