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Conversation Text

In the game there are conversations. The depth of which makes it desirable to have them available even when not playing. The conversation's text is stored in the DeusExConText.u file. Apparently .u files are hellish to unpack, this I know not of, what I do know is that there is no .con file extractor. .con files are the ones that hold the games conversations and they are all stuck in the aforementioned .u file.

As a result I had to go through thousands of pages of gibberish to get the text which is linked to here. So, if you should decide that you want to use this text please be so kind as to say that I got it out because

a) I did
b) It was long and at many points boring
c) It was tedious
d) I deserve credit
e) It's the nice thing to do
f) [insert reason here]

Disclaimer i.e. donít blame me donít sue me.
This (the conversation text) is the intellectual property of whoever holds the copyright, my bet is Ion Storm. As it is included here to promote interest in the game, and as Ion Storm is made of nice people, it should not be a problem. If you should use any of this for profit, or claim it as your own shame on you. If I should shame on me. So on all around. If the removal of said information is asked by someone who has the right to do so it will be removed.

Here ends the statement made to cover my ass.

The file in question did not like being converted to a word document, I presume that if it had been extracted in a proper manner the following problem would be non existent:

Stuff was juxtaposed (to put side by side, especially for comparison or contrast; in this case emphasis on contrast meaning "put somewhere where it doesnít belong contrasting with its surroundings.") Said stuff wasnít labeled, or rather was, but the label wasnít where the text was thus creating an ambiguity. As such some lines are confused.

If you should find something in a place it shouldnít be, or alternatively find a place that something should be but isnít please tell me. If I say something is removed that is not please tell me as well.


What follows are short descriptions on the files, most of which are obvious.

Intro to my format
A nice little thing on what it all means, in the sense of how to read it.
Not there yet though, look to my other site.

Intro. to the game. Classic. A classic classic if ever there was a classic.

That thing you did in that place that time with that bot. I have Tried to eliminate all of the control interface talk while still maintaining some sense of purpose.

Mission 1
Mission one, very simple youíre on and island and people talk to you and each other.

Mission 2
Starts in Battery Park ends on top of a warehouse.

Mission 3
Everything from UNATCO to the airfeild.

Mission 4

UNATCO to your capture.

Mission 5

Mission 6
Hong Kong, one hell of a long one.

Mission 7
No mission here but it apears that I put some of the end of 6 text in this file, and I am currently more concerned with getting it all up them sorting out what still needs to be sorted.

Mission 8
New York, donít you just love New York and how you go back again and again?
The Same Old Street (TM)

Mission 9
From a boatyard to a graveyard. Sounds like a How To book for the depressed sailor.

Mission 10
Paris, from a roof to a Chateau

Mission 11
More Paris.
(Did I ever mention my contempt for the real life Paris and the Parisians that live there? The city wouldnít be half as bad if it werenít filled with Parisians. They should import people from the countryside, those people have souls.)
(Paris in the game wasnít bad at all.)
From a cathedral to an Illuminati.

Mission 12
From a roof to a gas station

Mission 13
No mission here.

Mission 14
From a wet place to a nuke.

Mission 15
From Area 51 to Ö Area 51.
The conversations that are specific to a given ending are included with that ending and not in this file.

Helios End
Mergin with the brain.

Tong End

Illuminati End
Rulin the world. In the shadows, distributing vaccine.

Violent Barks
Someone shooting at you, waiting to shoot at you, on their way to shooting at you, pissed because they failed to shoot at you, already shot you? This is what they say.

Not in the game? Well here it is.